Canada Lapbook

Students have had 2 weeks to complete this lap book based on Canada provinces and regions.

Here is an overview PDF on how the Lap book should be completed.

Click here to view PDF>>  canada lapbook PROVINCE AND REGIONS

All of the information was covered in detailed in class over a 2 week period.

  • Cover is complete with name, hour and colored – neat.
  • Paste rubric on back of lap book
  • Cut and paste the Canada map on inside and color neatly.
  • canada lapbook
  • 4.Find capitol cities for each province or territory, then place black dot on map to show capitol city location.
  • Cut, fold and paste all 10 of the province fold-outs – draw flag, list population, one import and one export.
  • Cut and paste natural resource wheel – list 8 natural resources, province found and draw the resource.
  • Cut out the Canada physical region – find 3 facts about each physical region and list the province or territories in each region.  Click here for  good website with most of the info.
  • Project due date extended to TUESDAY 2/21/17 at end of class. ORIGINAL due date was Friday 2/17/21 at start of class.
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