Ellis Island

Ellis island


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Write down three new facts that you learned about the immigrants’ arrival at Ellis Island.

Read the story of a young immigrant boy named Seymour Rechtzeit – Find out what pushed his family to leave Poland, what pull factors drew them to America, and how he made a name for himself in his new country.

Seymour Rechtzeit link >>https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/articles/teaching-content/relive-boys-journey-america/

Answer the following questions USING COMPLETE SENTENCES:
1. What was Seymour’s country of origin?
2. What push factors caused his family to leave?
3. What pull factors drew his family to America?
4. How did Seymour affect his community in America (in other words, what did he do that made him famous)?




Video  typhoon tommy at Fox 2




Seymour Rechtzeit

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